Lists, Clutter, Interruptions, E-mail ... Arrrrgh!

Getting Organized Has Big Pay-offs

The Globe & Mail recently published an article I found to be particularly pertinent to the increasing challenge of keeping up in this busy world. January 17 is seen by many to be annual “Give Up My New Year’s Resolutions Day” but with a little determination, anyone can decide to make choices, take action and stick with it to make a very real and beneficial difference in their life. Getting organized has big pay-offs in creating and maintaining a balance between your work life and personal life.

The Globe and Mail article is well done. It provided statistics on just how big an impact being disorganized can have in our lives, from lost productivity to the exhaustion we feel from the volume of tasks we have to deal with.

As a step toward getting organized, Canada, Italy and the United States lead all other countries in percentage of citizens who keep at least one to-do list to stay organized. All three are above the 75% mark. If only there was a better way to work with our to-do lists. Projecteze is not only a better solution, it is a fantastic solution…and one that the citizens of these three countries could stand to benefit from.

Whether it’s finding the motivation at this pivotal time of the year to clear the clutter in your life or just plain get more organized on all fronts, I encourage you to read this well written article by Jennifer Myers called “Lists, clutter, interruptions, e-mail ... Arrrrgh!” She provides some excellent suggestions.

Myers also directs you to Tennessee-based DME Consulting & Training where you can complete a "cost of disorganization" calculator.

Surviving and, in fact, thriving in today’s busy world can be made so much easier with a good, simple system that helps you stay on top of everything. Once you get there, the overwhelm subsides and you can create space to truly enjoy the life you were meant to live. But it all depends on where you set your own personal boundaries and just how determined you are to honor them which will be the topic in a future blog.

Laurence Seton, P.Eng., PMP is the President of Projecteze Inc. and is the author of On Top Of Everything: Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease. He helps busy people learn the skills to get and stay organized and on top of everything at work, at home and at school using Projecteze: The Ultimate Organizational System. Follow Laurence on Twitter and Facebook.



Hear what others are saying about On Top Of Everything™ and the Projecteze system:

"Your ability to plan and complete projects - multi-task jobs - is essential to your income, success and productivity, and Projecteze shows you exactly how to do it."
Brian Tracy, Bestselling Author & Professional Speaker

"The title says it all.....what a great book! An easy, enjoyable and entertaining read. Laurence Seton presents a simple but highly effective project management system that in my 28 year career is among one of the easiest, most effective I have come across. Laurence's use of family, humour and real world examples make this book an enjoyable and valuable read for anyone wanting to put more balance and organization into their lives and stay on top of everything in today's busy world."
Brian Milloy, President, Eligeo IT

"The Projecteze system is awesome! The book On Top Of Everything had me up and running with it in only three days. Almost immediately, I went from flipping back through pages and pages in my project notebook and facing an inbox with hundreds of active emails to having everything together in my Projecteze Table...... and an empty inbox. It has definitely taken the weight off. Instead of second guessing myself and wondering what I might have forgotten, now I spend my time proactively directing my projects and staying on top of everything."
Al Massicotte, Projects Coordinator, Canadian Natural Resources Limited

"The power of Projecteze lies in its simplicity and flexibility! Using software I already have, Projecteze is tremendously helpful for me…..and my clients (busy people with lots to do). I no longer feel overwhelmed, my mind is free of mental clutter and I’m accomplishing what is most important each day. For the first time ever I feel “on top of everything” both professionally and personally. Professionally, I achieve more in less time and I no longer worry about dropping the ball. Personally, I’m calling the day registration opens for summer camps and swimming lessons for my children and getting them into the best classes available. I love the Projecteze system and every week I’m thinking of new ways to use it. The applications are endless!"
Laura Watson, President, Venture Coaching Inc.

"Laurence Seton’s book On Top of Everything is a very timely, well thought out, and well written addition to the field of time management literature. He has done an excellent job of drawing from the current experts and his own personal experiences to present a cross-platform solution called Projecteze that is both simple and sophisticated. Knowledge workers can build a very flexible and customizable time and project management system quickly by utilizing a common piece of software they already know and use regularly. Anyone who has made the decision to get control of their commitments and who has the will power to systematize their time management process can surely gain from adopting and customizing Projecteze to their needs. I can also see how the productivity of a team of people could be improved by consistent use of this tool."
Dr Janice Thomas, Program Director, MBA in Project Management, Athabasca University

"Now that I've been exposed to Projecteze I can't imagine performing my job without it. The more I use it, the less things get missed on my projects. I don't leave the office with the stress of wondering what has to be done at work the next day. I just come in, open up my Projecteze Table and start working."
Brian Celaire, Project Engineer, EnCana Corporation

"When I was introduced to the Projecteze system, I was amazed at how simple but powerful it is. It allows one to control and filter all the demands and requests that are placed on us daily. When I have drifted away from the system, I have consistently come back to it for that sense of calm and control over my time, and the satisfaction of knowing the work that I do is more effective."
Tom Fransham, VP Engineering & Design, IMV Projects

"Laurence has written a phenomenal book that is easy to read and provides clear, concise instructions on how to use the Projecteze system. He gets to the point quickly and keeps you engaged. The explicit examples from so many different areas of life (work, home, school, vacations) are enhanced by real life stories from Laurence’s own experiences. This book is a gold mine! People who want to get and stay organized will love it!"
Sheila Artus, Manager PM Office, Shaw Communications Inc.

"I use the Projecteze system for all my projects. Projecteze allows me to clear my mind and avoid being overwhelmed by details. It ensures I get everything done and that nothing slips between the cracks."
Ron McCracken, Senior Project Engineer, Colt Engineering

"The Projecteze system is so simple that it borders on brilliance."
George Roberts, George Roberts & Co.

"Projecteze is without a doubt one of the best project management tools that I have ever come across. From the moment I first picked up the book, I couldn't help myself from starting up my laptop and creating my own Projecteze Table. It is definitely a book that has inspired me to take my project management skills to a whole new level. I recommend this book for newbies as well as seasoned professionals who are looking to find a way to get more time out of their days."
Derek Major, Founder & CEO, Eligeo IT

"I have been using Projecteze for a few weeks now and wow, what a difference it has made in my world! I had previously tried using several different systems ranging from a To-Do list on a piece of paper, to specific industry based solutions to Outlook and found that none of them really gave me an overview of what was truly on my plate. Projecteze is easy to use, it helps me stay on top of all my work and I find myself breathing more easily because of it."
Jennifer Chipperfield, Chipperfield Photography


Is Projecteze For Me

Whether for work, home or school, if you are a busy person with many diverse projects who uses a computer daily (Mac, PC or both), the Projecteze system and book On Top of Everything™ is for you.

On Top of Everything™ – Workshop

As a compliment to the book and for organizations that want to introduce the Projecteze system to groups of their staff, this half day workshop gets to the point quickly and shows your people how to be up and running with the system in very little time. This practical hands-on workshop focuses on implementation with real life examples.

On Top of Everything™ - Webinar

You have not read the book yet but you like the idea of being on top of everything. You think that it might be worth your time but you’re not sure. Either way, you would prefer to learn from a seminar. This session is for you. With this on-line seminar, we’ll introduce you to the Projecteze system step by step. While this program is not a complete book replacement, you will learn enough to implement the system on your own.

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