Are You Setting Yourself Up For A Balanced Life

Time To Make A Choice

Even if 2009 was a particularly stressful year for you, you could choose to continue living your life in the same manner with the hope that someday it will all change. In effect, you are not choosing when you take this approach. Like the frog in a pot of water that gets increasingly warmer, the tendency might be to stay where you are because it’s something you’re familiar with. But this is the beginning of a new year and, if you’re not living the life you want, this is the perfect time to make a change.

What does it take to change this pattern and reduce those stress levels? Balance is usually a key factor....balance between work life and personal life, and it's being seen as more and more important by more and more people. If you want more balance in your life, the first thing you need to do is choose that, and then back it up with determination and focus. In this way, you will be defining and honoring your own personal boundaries. How many hours a week are you willing to devote to work? What is the minimum time commitment you want to have available for your family? Your friends? Your hobbies? Or any other personal endeavors that are important to you. How do you want to spend the time you have available?

By taking stock of where you are currently spending your time and comparing it to where you want to spend your time, you will see where you can make adjustments that will likely be personally very rewarding.

Fulfilling the commitment of earning an income so you can pay the bills may take up a good portion of your week. How you use your remaining time basically comes down an issue of time management. Being well organized is one of the best ways to get the most out of the time you do have. It provides many benefits. Being well organized enables you to prioritize what has to be done, fulfill your obligations and still carve time out of your week and year to devote to the things you want to have more of in your life.

Set up a system or adopt an existing system like Projecteze that can help you get and stay well organized so you can be more efficient with your time. Then consciously make the choice to include “me” time and “family” time in your week. Schedule them right into your week. Make the choice and take the steps to live the life you really want. This will bring more balance into your life and you're going to love the after effects.

Beyond the issue of getting and staying well organized, how well you define and honor your personal boundaries is the bigger and much more important issue. It really is the foundation for living the life you want.

If you’ve got a stack of papers sitting on your desk calling for your attention. I can almost guarantee that no matter how much of that stack you get through today or this week, there will always be more work to take its place. It’s great to impress everyone around by showing them how dedicated, efficient and valuable you are but all too often a penchant for continually taking on more can lead to higher stress levels, loss of balance and simply filling any time you do free up with more work.

Now, step away from the Smartphone, especially if you’re using it at the dinner table, and decide to make 2010 your most personally rewarding year ever.

Laurence Seton, P.Eng., PMP is the President of Projecteze Inc. and is the author of On Top Of Everything: Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease. He helps busy people learn the skills to get and stay organized and on top of everything at work, at home and at school using Projecteze: The Ultimate Organizational System. Follow Laurence on Twitter and Facebook.


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